Tenure 0-2 years 2-5 years 5 days per week £1,970 per month £1,585 (£1,323.75 per month inclusive of “3 and 4 year Offer Funding”) 4 days per week £1,810 per month £1,535 (Mon/Tue - Thur/Fri only) (£1,273.75 per month inclusive of “3 and 4 year Offer Funding”) 3 days per week £1,560 per month £1,250 (Mon/Tue/Wed - Wed/Thur/Fri only) (£988.75 per month inclusive of “3 and 4 year Offer Funding”) 2 days per week £1,195 per month £940 (Mon/Tue - Thur/Fri  only) (£678.75 per month inclusive of “3 and 4 year Offer Funding”) Ad-hoc hours £16 per hour £15 per hour (Subject to terms and conditions.) Cancellation per single booking £31 First Day At Home Sickness Cover (see terms and conditions) No charge - travel expenses only. At-Home child Minding service per hour plus travel expenses (see terms and conditions) from 8pm   £18 per hour From 8pm - Bank holidays, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Evening. From 8pm £36 Cancellation per single booking £36 Return Home Service (see terms and conditions) For each single booking. £41 Cancellation per single booking £41 Late collection fee For each part of 15 minutes after 7pm £40
                 Fee Structure – Barbican – 1st April 2017             Newpark Childcare Centre is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday, 60 hours per week, 50 weeks per year. All tenure fees are to be paid in full monthly in advance by Direct Debit only, payable on the 1st day of each calendar month. Parents are responsible for payment of full fees at all times. All Tenured fees are calculated on a 52-week year and then divided by 12 to arrive at the monthly rate. Childcare vouchers are accepted. We do not accept reductions in monthly payments in lieu of third party payments. Any payments received by a third party in lieu of fees will be reimbursed to the parents when received. Children aged three and four years old qualify for a DofE “3 & 4 Year Old Offer” funding (previously known as the nursery education grant) of £1045.00 per term which will be deducted from monthly fees in advance. Parents remain liable for full fees if their child is not eligible for this funding. Please note all our part-time places are subject to availability and  are only allocated at our discretion.  Discounts are available for second siblings.  This entire fee structure is subject to our current terms and conditions. 
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