Early Years Foundation Stage A   child’s   experiences   in   the   earliest   years   of   its   life are   critical   to   their   subsequent   development.   High quality   education   is   a   crucial   step   towards   ensuring that    all    children    arrive    at    primary    or    preparatory school   ready   and   eager   to   learn.   To   plan   a   suitable curriculum   for   our   children   we   use   the   Early   Years Foundation     Stage,     which     recognises     the     holistic nature   of   development   and   learning   and   compliments our    preferred    method    of    education    -    the    Maria Montessori     approach.     There     are     six     areas     that celebrate   the   skill,   competence   and   uniqueness   of babies   and   young   children   and   pre-school   children and   highlight   the   inter-relationship   between   growth, learning,   development   and   the   environment   in   which they   are   cared   for   and   educated.   Children’s   learning does   not   fit   neatly   in   compartments   and   we   therefore consider   all   areas   to   plan   effectively   for   the   children in   our   nurseries   and   schools.   Each   child   is   different therefore we look at them as individuals. When   we   plan   for   our   youngest   ones   we   bear   in   mind that   children   should   feel   at   home   in   the   nursery. They are   not   at   school   yet   and   activities   should   be   fun   and optional.    We    provide    a    warm,    caring    environment where   children   have   the   opportunity   to   develop   their, social,   emotional,   language,   creative,   cognitive   and physical   skills.   Children   learn   through   their   senses   by doing    rather    than    by    being    told,    by    being    given appropriate     responsibility     and     allowed     to     make errors, decisions and choices. As    children    grow    older    their    needs    change    and subsequently   in   our   Montessori   Schools   we   adapt   the environment     accordingly     and     the     activities     we provide   present   a   greater   learning   challenge   for   each child.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Managing feelings and behaviour Self confidence and self awareness Making relationships Physical Development Moving and handling Health and self-care Communication and Language Listening and attention Understanding Speaking The four specific areas are: Expressive Arts and Design Being imaginative. Exploring and using media and materials. Literacy Reading Writing Understanding the World People and communities The world Technology Mathematics Numbers Shape, space and measurer  
The three prime areas are: