The spacious open-plan play room at our Barbican nursery is designed to be welcoming in shape, size, decoration and resources, and gives children of all ages the space they need to learn and play. One entire wall is devoted to a spectacular tropical fish tank, which brings an air of tranquillity to the room while providing the children with a fascinating focal point for the development of their understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Within the main room we have a large area for creative activities including, drawing, craft, painting, sand and water play and other wonderfully messy activities!  This area also doubles as our dining area.  Other areas of the main room include a home corner for role play supporting language and social development, a book corner, a quiet area for babies to sleep, bottle feed and enjoy heuristic play, a pre-Montessori area of simple practical life activities, a problem solving area for children to explore science and early numeracy, a place for construction and a large ramp and tunnel for whole body physical development. Our philosophy encourages our staff to interact with babies and children at their level and to promote children’s independence, thereafter thereafter play and activities take place on floor mats or at specially designed low tables and chairs, and all children sleep naturally on a comfortable low mattress on the floor monitored al all times by an adult nearby.
Barbican - Main Play room