Childcare Options for Employers We apply our small family-run childcare business ethos to foster the same close partnerships with companies that we enjoy with our parents. We have over two decades experience of meeting the particular needs of working parents, and these needs are becoming increasingly complex since more people are having children later in life when their careers are more developed.  We would happily discuss any particular childcare needs that your company may have and how we might meet your requirements. There are three possible ways that Newpark can help a company and it’s employees: signposting access to childcare – Newpark can provide your company with literature, emails, and face-to-face information about our childcare provision which you can make available to your staff. providing corporate discounts - companies can pay a tax deductible percentage of employees childcare fees in the form of a publicised discount. providing emergency or “back-up” childcare - to help reduce absenteeism of key personnel due to childcare problems.