Clerkenwell Facilities
Buggy   Storage   -   Outside,   we   have   a   lockable   Buggy   Store   where   pushchairs   can   be   secured   until   your   return from work to collect your child. The   Children's   Bathroom   is   equipped   with   four   child-sized   w.c.s   and   four   height-   appropriate   wash   basins.      All children   are   encouraged   to   observe   high   standards   of   personal   hygiene   by   washing   their   hands   after   using   the toilet   or   potties   and   before   and   after   meals,   cleaning   their   teeth   after   their   mealtime.   There   is   a   separate   area   for nappy changing. Kitchen   -   our   on-site   kitchen   is   fully   fitted   in   stainless   steel   to   a   catering   standard.   Fridge   and   freezer   have   digital display temperature controls and alarms. There is a separate milk kitchen for the preparation and storage of babies' milk bottle feeds.