Clerkenwell Setting - London EC1V 3PA
Newpark in Clerkenwell Newpark   Montessori   Nursery   School   in   Clerkenwell   caters   for   children   from   four   months   old   to five   years   from   7:30   am   until   7:00   p.m.   Monday   to   Friday,   57.5   hours   per   week   50   weeks   per year. Our   lovely   quiet   nursery,   built   to   our   own   design,   nestles   in   the   Central   Square   development has its own large garden and offers children space to grow, develop and learn.  The   nursery   is   centrally   located   between   Goswell   Road   and   Central   Street   and   is   served   by several buses. The nearest stations are Barbican, Farringdon, Old Street and Angel.
Assessed “100% Outstanding” in all categories by Ofsted