Food glorious food
The children enjoy a healthy and well-balanced diet prepared by our chef in our on-site kitchen, which includes breakfast, lunch and tea with interim snacks of fruit. Young babies are offered a selection of freshly cooked and puréed vegetables and fruit with snacks of finger foods. Older babies are offered our regular menus adapted for individual needs. We positively encourage children to eat and to try unfamiliar food in order to educate their palates, and in addition we include international and multi-ethic cuisine in our menus to widen their range of culinary experiences.  Staff eat with the children in order to create a family group for mealtimes and to help children learn good eating habits and table manners.   We do not use beef or pork, and we do not add salt or excessive sugar to our meals. Each week’s lunch menu comprises of two meat lunches, a fish lunch, all with a vegetarian options, and two further vegetarian lunches and we change our menus on a weekly basis to ensure that your children experience a wide variety of interesting foods. Teatime involves a full meal that the toddlers and school children sometimes help prepare as part of an afternoon cookery activity.