The bands are coloured as follows: GREEN.= “Normal” Can eat and drink anything. No dietary restrictions. ORANGE. = “Preference” A non-medical dietary restriction, A child cannot eat or drink something on moral, religious or other grounds. The child does not become ll when he/she consumes the restricted food or drink. RED = “Special” A medical dietary restriction. The child has either a food allergy or intolerance, or is a weaning baby. The child becomes ill when  he/she consumes the restricted food or drink.
Special Dietary Requirements  We accommodate special dietary requirements on medical, religious, and preference grounds. We provide dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian versions of each week’s menu. Dietary Requirements & Food Allergy Policy It is necessary for the safety of our children to identify any special dietary requirements to ensure each child consumes the appropriate food and drink. All children in the nursery are divided into three groups, using a “traffic light” system.  Every day whilst at nursery every child wears a coloured self adhesive wrist band to indicate their individual dietary needs.   
Green band
Orange band
Red band