The Montessori School Children   aged   two   and   a   half   to   five   years   form   the   Montessori   class based   in   a   light,   airy   room   adjoining   the   nursery   room.   Around   the walls   are   a   series   of   storage   units   easily   accessible   to   the   children which   house   the   equipment   for   the   various   Montessori   activities   such as    Practical    Life,    Sensorial,    Maths,    Language,    Culture,    Science, Geography,   Botany   and Art.      Children   enjoy   direct   free-flow   access   to our   large   garden   throughout   the   day   and   all   year   round;   the   children also   use   this   area   to   grow   their   own   seeds   and   bulbs. Additionally,   the unique     “Inside-Out”     garden     in     the     upper     level     allows     further opportunities   for   children   to   explore   and   learn   outdoors.   Please   see our   Montessori   section   for   more   information   on   this   wonderful   method of education.