The Infant Community Our   youngest   children   have   their   own   dedicated   space   arranged   to   be   welcoming   in   shape,   size, decoration   and   resources.   The   bright,   cheerful   and   spacious   infant   community   offers   different areas   of   interest   for   the   children,   including   a   quiet   area   for   babies   to   sleep,   a   book   corner,   simple practical   life   activities   and   problem   solving   puzzles,   a   place   for   construction   and   a   large   ramp and   stairs   for   whole   body   physical   development.      There   is   also   adjoining   space   for   sand   and water   play,   painting,   craft   and   other   wonderfully   messy   activities.   Our   large   garden   is   easily accessed   from   the   infant   community   so   that   the   children   enjoy   the   benefits   of   outdoor   play.   In   our unique    “Inside-Out”    garden    infants    also    enjoy    role-play    supporting    language    and    social development. Our    philosophy    encourages    staff    interaction    with    babies    and    young    children    at    their    level therefore   play   and   activities   take   place   on   floor   mats   or   at   specially   designed   low   tables   and chairs   and   all   children   sleep   naturally   on   a   low   comfortable   mattress   on   the   floor,   monitored   at   all times   by   an   adult   nearby.      Artwork   and   themed   activities   are   attractively   displayed   on   the   walls, alongside a parents' information board.