Newpark in Wandsworth Town Newpark   Montessori   Nursery   School   in   Wandsworth   Town   caters   for   children from   four   months   old   to   five   years   from   7:30am   until   6:30p.m.   Monday   to   Friday, 55 hours per week 50 weeks per year. Our   lovely   quiet   nursery   in   the   Tonsleys   is   in   a   sympathetically   converted   and restored   church,   which   has   its   own   outdoor   area   and   offers   children   space   to grow,    develop    and    learn.        The    nursery    is    conveniently    located    close    to Wandsworth   Town   railway   station   and   numerous   buses   pass   us   on   Old   York Road and East Hill.
Assessed “100% Outstanding” in all categories by Ofsted