Typical Baby’s day at Newpark 7:00 am Children begin to arrive (opening times vary) 7:30 am Breakfast, followed by cleaning faces and  hands. 8:30 am Nappies changed. Some babies may choose to sleep at this time. 9:00 am Floor play - e.g. books, flash cards, listening to music, shape sorters, simple wooden puzzles, building blocks, bead frames, stacking shapes, rattles, soft play or ‘treasure basket’. 10:00 am Mid-morning snack of fresh fruit and vegetable crudities, and bread sticks. 10:30 am Planned craft or creative play activity. Sometimes, weather permitting, a trip to the park. 11:15 am Nappies are changed and hands and faces are washed. 11:30 pm Freshly cooked hot lunch and dessert.
12:00 pm Children’s nap time - free play for older children. 2:00 pm Planned activity and floor play. 2:30 pm Outdoor trip (weather permitting) 3:30 pm Circle  time - listening to a story, singing songs, looking at flash cards. Nappies are changed. 4:00 pm Tea time. 4:30 pm Babies will continue with their afternoon activities. 5:30 pm to home time Free play.